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About Bitcure Inc.

Bitcure, Inc. was setup in early 2017 by two physicians and a technologist, to collaborate on bringing to market, ‘Patient Centric Healthcare’ solutions. This venture was driven by practical challenges faced by the physicians in their day jobs taking care of patients, where some key pain-points that they encountered every day were lacking simple practical solutions. As they kept waiting for the obvious solutions to show up, it just kept getting more frustrating, especially as the technology side of the envisioned solutions did not seem like rocket science. This frustration finally led to the three founders deciding to collaborate on designing, and bringing to market the envisioned solutions.

The key pain points identified where in three specific areas,
Patient/Physician Encounter

Today this most critical encounter between patients and their physicians result in a lot of mis-communication and confusion, due to the patients inability to capture the details of what the physician explained during the encounter, and the inability of the patient to articulate the key points described by the physician, to friends and family after the encounter. So one initiative at Bitcure is to address this pain point through an App that runs on an iPad, that enables the physician to communicate with the patient more visually, after which a recording of the screen and audio is also made, thus creating a Video Medical Record (VMR) for the patient. This VMR is provided to the patient, thus enabling the patient to review the physician’s points multiple times, and also helps communicate the physician’s feedback and direction to relatives and friends or other physicians, that the patient wants to discuss his situation with.

Patient Treatment Protocol Management

Today once a patient gets into a treatment protocol prescribed by the physician, the entire protocol is managed by the patient, in terms of the treatment regimen, schedule of medication doses, follow up visits, etc. The challenge here is that many times the patient forgets, and misses doses, milestones, and other scheduled tasks as per the treatment protocol. The obvious solution here seemed to be an App that could be a tool to allow the patient to track their treatment protocol, get alerts and reminders for medication doses and other milestones, and could also be a messaging tool for the patient to ask questions and get responses from the physician or from the physician’s team members. So this second initiative from Bitcure is to release such an App where physicians can define the required treatment protocols, which are then synchronized with an App on the patient’s smartphone. Once the App synchronizes the treatment protocol prescribed by the physician, then it keep tracks of the protocol and generates alerts and reminders for the patient, while allowing the patient to update feedback in to the App on doses taken, and other milestones required to be tracked as per the treatment protocol.

Patient Records Management

Today all medical records generated during a patients encounter with a physician or healthcare organization are maintained by the healthcare organization, and the patient does not have an easily accessible repository of all their healthcare records. Maintaining such records are very important for a patient as they go through life, to be able to instantly refer to the records, or provide access to a physician who wants to review their history, in a seamless and easy manner. This initiative by Bitcure is to enable patients to use an App on their Smartphones to capture and archive all medical records that the patient has access to during their lifetime, thus giving them a simple tool to organize all their medical history. Maintaining detailed medical histories is also critical as the medical industry starts adopting technology around artificial intelligence and expert systems. Having easy access to their medical records also makes it very convenient for patients to share their medical histories when trying to obtaining second opinions or to discuss their cases with alternate physicians.

While delivering technology solutions around the three areas identified above is the key mandate for Bitcure, the first solution around the Physician/Patient Encounter is the first App to be released by Bitcure. This Bitcure VMR App is a key milestone in the plans of the company, as it will enable addressing a key pain point faced by patients today, and will be the foundation around which the other key apps will get developed down the road.

Bitcure’s vision is to deliver and maintain such healthcare solutions, and support organizations that would also like to integrate Bitcure into their Healthcare Records Management systems.
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